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A growth plan is only as good as the data used to make decisions.

With Rubix Insights you have access to realtime simplified dashboards. We provide you with the key metrics essential to tracking and managing your holistic marketing efforts.

The guidance you need for
the growth you want

Rubix insights delivers real-time business insights to improve results and increase profitability.

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Helping you put the pieces together

Rubix Insights’ main goal is to instantly provide you with the data you’ll need to understand your marketing campaigns and their effectiveness. With dashboards displaying performance totals, sales results, return on ad spend, and so much more, Rubix Insights automates and produces high-quality e-commerce reporting.

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Rubix Insights delivers business intelligence to help you generate more revenue, cultivate loyal customers, optimize marketing strategy and drive profitability.

Campaign tracking:
Real time updates that can guide future spends
Simple dashboards:
User friendly interfaces showing key data you want to see
Digestible customer insights:
See where they are and who they are

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